Are Handkerchiefs better than Tissues?

Are Handkerchiefs better than Tissues?

Are handkerchiefs better than tissues? This is a question that is arising in everyone’s minds. Influenza (flu) and Colds and flu are viral infections that are most common during the winter months in South Africa, from June to August. However, we must recognize that the flu or a runny nose are not caused by the cold weather. The cold and flu viruses attack the nose, throat, sinuses, upper airways, and lungs. We tend to spend more time indoors when the weather grows colder, trapping viruses and allowing them to travel from one person to the next. Now that winter is approaching, we’ll need those tissues or handkerchiefs to blow our runny noses and cover our mouths. Let us go to the answer to this question Are Handkerchiefs better than Tissues? Handkerchiefs versus tissue paper. Hanky vs tissues.

Are Handkerchiefs better than Tissues?

But which one is better?


Pros of tissues:

The most obvious benefit of tissues is that they can be disposed of quickly and conveniently after usage. Germs are also trapped in tissues, stopping them from spreading. The germs are contained within the tissue, which is then discarded. (Sneezing into your hands raises the chance of spreading the infection to others, such as through hand-to-hand contact.) And it’s unlikely that someone will pick up the tissue once it’s placed into the garbage.

Cons of tissues:

Best Tissues are not the most environmentally friendly alternative because they are composed of paper, which originates from trees. Environmentalists are correct in their assertion that trees should not be felled unnecessarily. According to a Health report, Trees are beneficial to our health and aid in the reduction of respiratory ailments in people.


Pros of Handkerchiefs:

As previously said, environmentalists prefer handkerchiefs since they have a smaller environmental impact. It is also less expensive in the long run because hankies can be washed and reused.

Cons of handkerchiefs:

After a few times wiping or blowing your nose, handkerchiefs tend to grow damp. Keeping a moist piece of fabric, drenched with spit and mucus, in your handbag or pocket for the entire day might be unappealing – not to mention unsanitary. Furthermore, handkerchiefs can spread viruses to other surfaces or even other persons, especially after being used several times Especially since most of us don’t wash our hands or use hand sanitizer after using our handkerchief every time.

Are Handkerchiefs better than Tissues?

SO what is the verdict?

Both offer advantages and disadvantages, so the decision is entirely yours…

Are Handkerchiefs better than Tissues? “When you blow your nose, the virus gets into the tissue or handkerchief,” said Doctor a qualified independent practitioner. It’s important to remember that touching your own used tissue or handkerchief won’t damage you because you’re already sick – but there’s always the potential of infecting others. Tissues are hygienic since they are readily disposed of; as a result, you are reducing the risk of infection spread assuming no fluids have come into touch with your hands. If this happens, however, you must wash or ‘de-germ’ them after blowing your nose,” Doctor advises.”Also bear in mind that if you use a fabric handkerchief, each time you re-use it, you’re introducing additional virus-contaminated fluids to the mix.”

“You should also be mindful that every time you handle a handkerchief and subsequently touch an object that others come into contacts with – such as a doorknob or money – you are furthering the spread of infection,” Doctor explained.”Using tissues is more hygienic, but only if you keep your hands clean as well.”

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