best tissues for a cold

Best Tissues for a Cold

When you’re standing in a store, staring at all those bright boxes, unsure what to buy because of best tissues for allergies, best tissues for a cold, or something worse, odds are you won’t go wrong. The majority of tissues accomplish exactly what they’re designed to do. However, as anybody who has grabbed a tissue on their way out of a doctor’s office or from a box on a random office desk knows, mass-produced supply-store tissues can be a little weak or scratchy at times. The purpose of the best tissues for a cold is to assist you in blowing your nose and keeping germs at bay. It should be relaxing, but it should also be long-lasting so that it doesn’t dissolve if you need to use it again or if you keep it crumpled in a coat pocket only to discover it the next winter. It must be able to efficiently remove all of the unpleasantness from your nose while also being soft enough to wipe away a child’s tears. Puffs Ultra Soft is our preferred face tissue because of this best result in cold. After putting nine of the most popular tissues on the market through our scientifically developed testing, we discovered that the amount of plies a tissue has, or whether it includes lotion, doesn’t always mean it’s better.

Everyday Comfort by Scotties-Best Tissues for a Cold

Scotties Everyday Comfort tissues seem similar to Walmart and Target tissues at first touch, however, our testing results reveal the Scotties are just a little lower. These tissues don’t hold up as well after repeated use, and they don’t do a good job of sopping up the water we spilled. In all of our other tests, it performed as expected and at a fair softness level, much like the majority of the other tissues, we looked at. This is the best tissue for a cold.

Scotties Everyday Comfort Facial Tissues, 92 Tissues per Box, 4 Pack, 92 Count (Pack of 4)
Scotties 2-Ply Facial Tissues, 148 Sheets Per Box 3-Pack (Box Design May Vary)

Great Value Everyday -Best Tissues for a Cold

Everyday Great Value The Walmart-brand two-ply tissues performed admirably in most of our tests, even outperforming their big-box competitors in terms of comfort after reusing the same tissue many times (so during those horrible colds when you basically need a tissue attached to your nose). However, as the tissues become more comfortable, they begin to deteriorate before falling apart after a few usages, lowering the score in our study. These, on the other hand, stand up well in regular usage, and the box pleased one of my coworkers, who kept it at her desk. This is the best tissue for a cold.

Tiger Chef Facial Tissues - 160 Tissues Per Box - 6 Tissue Boxes - 2-Ply - Assorted Colors

Facial Tissues, Up & Up -Best Tissues for a Cold

The face tissues from Target are fine and passed all of our testings. The two-ply tissues can quickly remove makeup and endure both regular and heavy nose blows. It wasn’t really comfy (albeit it wasn’t scratchy). It also lost some of its firmness and absorbency with time, making it less of a comforter to use. Their pricing is comparable to Kleenex and Puffs, but if you like a softer tissue, they can be a better option.

Up&Up Ultra Soft Facial Tissue, 75ct, 4pk - Cube Shape

Soothing Aloe from Scotties -Best Tissues for a Cold

Scotties Soothing Aloe succeeds in strength and durability, but it falls short in comfort, especially with long-term usage, and despite the added aloe, it can feel a little abrasive on our noses at times. Unfortunately, just because it’s strong (and one of the few three-ply tissues we tested) doesn’t imply it’s also absorbent. During my tests, I had to rub a bit harder to remove my makeup because the liquid easily flowed off. The Scotties Soothing Aloe, like the other lotion-infused tissues, only pushed water about rather than soaking it up. This is the best tissues for a cold.

Scotties Soothing Aloe Facial Tissues, 54 Tissues per Box (Pack of 24)
Kleenex Soothing Lotion Facial Tissues with Coconut Oil, Aloe & Vitamin E, 8 Cube Boxes, 65 Tissues Per Box (520 Total Tissues)

Kleenex Trusted care -Best Tissues for a Cold

Kleenex Trusted Care is a brand of Kleenex that stands behind its products. Kleenex’s hallmark tissue box is the two-ply Trusted Care. As predicted, there are no lights and whistles (but, really, it’s a tissue, so it shouldn’t!) This was somewhere in the middle of the pack. It performed exactly what it was meant to accomplish and I had no issues. It’s probably ideal for Goldilocks because it’s neither too soft nor too rough. This is definitely the ideal tissue for you if you have a family with diverse tastes or if you want to have a box on your desk at work for others who might require it. This is included in the best tissues for a cold.

Kleenex Expressions Trusted Care Facial Tissues, 18 Flat Boxes, 144 Tissues per Box, 2592 Total Tissues
Kleenex Trusted Care Everyday Facial Tissues, 6 Rectangular Boxes, 144 Tissues per Box (864 Tissues Total)
Kleenex Trusted Care Everyday Facial Tissues, Family Box - 10 Boxes - 230 Per Box

Puffs Lotion Tissues -Best Tissues for a Cold

Some individuals use lotion in their tissues religiously, while others despise it. We can’t tell you which camp you belong to, but the Puff scored highly in all of our comfort and durability tests. If you’re attempting to sop up any spilled liquid, it falls short, as we observed with other tissue brands we tried with lotion. Additional moisture appears to be repelled by the lotion. However, if your only priority is just relief from a painful nose, there’s no reason not to add this to your shopping basket. The Kleenex Soothing Lotion with aloe and vitamin E tested similarly to the Puffs Plus Lotion, passing virtually all of our tests except for absorbency. The Puffs, on the other hand, were merely soft. This is included in the best tissues for a cold.

Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues, 8 Family Boxes, 120 Tissues per Box (960 Tissues Total)
Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues, 10 Cubes, 52 Tissues Per Box (520 Tissues Total)

Ultra Soft Kleenex -Best Tissues for a Cold

Kleenex was only 0.003 points behind Puffs in our scoring. Only in the long-term durability tests did it fall short. It started to dissolve after a few usages. I got a horrible cold a few weeks after our initial testing, and Kleenex Ultra Soft became my new best buddy (it was the brand I happened to have at home when the illness arrived). The tissues were almost stuck to my nose for approximately three days, and not only did they endure the terrible bacteria without breaking apart, but they were also so soft and comfy that I never felt my face becoming chapped from overuse. This is included in the best tissues for a cold.

Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues, 8 Flat Boxes, 120 Tissues per Box (960 Total Tissues)

FAQS related to Best Tissues

Are Tissues the Same as Kleenex?

These are, first and foremost, face tissues. Toilet paper is bathroom tissue, and there’s also gift-wrapping tissue that’s more colorful. It’s also not Kleenex, which is arguably even more crucial. Kleenex is a registered trademark and a brand name. The company (along with other businesses facing similar genericization) has even published adverts in magazines such as the Columbia Journalism Review to emphasize that their trademarked name should not be used for generic goods. Don’t ask your pal for a Kleenex to blow your nose unless you’re talking about a certain Kleenex brand!

What Is a Ply?

In the field of facial tissues, the term ply refers to the number of paper layers that make up each tissue. We only tested two-ply and three-ply tissues for this collection. The extra layers should give increased durability, but as our data show, extra layers don’t automatically equate to a top tissue.

Is it necessary for me to use lotion in my tissues?

This is a matter of personal taste. We discovered that the tissues containing lotion had a tougher time soaking up the dab of water in our experiments. While I anticipated them to come out on top in our comfort testing, it’s a subjective decision, and not everyone who participated enjoyed them.

Is it Possible to Flush Facial Tissues?

Facial tissues, unlike toilet paper, are not meant to dissolve quickly in water, hence flushing them is not recommended.

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